1. What is WikiPacks?

    WikiPacks is a community based link sharing and research collaboration tool.

  2. What are Packs?

    Packs are collections of links. You can make private, public or community packs.

    • Public

      Anyone can view the pack but only the creator or trusted users can add links.
      Add editors to manage the pack with you
    • Private

      Only you and the people you trust can view and edit the pack.
      Add collaborators to manage the pack with you
    • Community (Wiki)

      Any site member can see and add links.
      Add moderators to moderate the pack with you

  3. Why is there an item limit in packs?

    The main idea is to make top 10/50/100 packs (links in packs that limit the number of items are automatically sorted by votes)

  4. What is the WikiPacks bookmarklet/addon and how do I install it?

    The Wikipacks bookmarklet is a javascript-based browser bookmark that allows you to collect links without going to the WikiPacks website first. Install it by dragging the link into your bookmarks bar. You can install it in any modern browser - click here to get more info.

  5. Can I subscribe to RSS feeds?

    Two kinds of RSS feeds are supported at the moment - an RSS feed for pack links and RSS for tags, you can combine tag searches with the , (comma) sign, like /tag/rock,alternative/feed.rss or /user/maddog/tag/funny,pics,jokes/feed.rss
    All feeds are sorted by newest-added ('atom' as extension also works, if you're into that)

  6. How can I export my packs?

    We are happy to offer you the ability to export your links into a convenient HTML format which is supported by all modern browsers and most other bookmarking services. Just use the export link in your packs to get a standard HTML bookmarks file.
    More export formats coming soon!

  7. What is the family filter setting / can I filter out adult-themed links?

    It's a user setting that filters out inappropriate links and media. To change these settings, go to your preferences.

  8. Is it safe to login with a 3rd party site like Google/Facebook?

    We're using proven authentication protocols like OpenID / OAuth. No more passwords to remember, one-click login, what could be better than that? Vote on the feedback page if you want more providers (like yahoo/blogger).

    After clicking on a provider and allowing to it to be used to login, you will be able to choose a username to be used on WikiPacks.

  9. I don't see a BETA marker, is WikiPacks finished?

    A product is never finished, we have a lot of ideas in mind and nowhere near enough manpower to do everything we want to do. We will try to implement as many useful features as possible. Vote for features you care about.

  10. How can I contribute to WikiPacks?

    1. Participate – Create interesting packs that would interest other users, follow news stories or document your research.
    2. Join the team – We are always looking for great talent! Send us a note and tell us about your experience and passion
    3. Report bugs, vote for features on our feedback page
    4. Become a Pro user – Coming Soon!

  11. What kind of formatting do you support in notes / comments?

    We support markdown, below you'll find a handy table of supported syntax:

Supported formatting syntax for posts

WikiPacks uses markdown for posts and comments, this is the supported syntax

  • Italic
    No Fear
  • Bold
    Hello World
  • The lazy walrus
    and the running meerkat
    Line Breaks
  • Headers

    Header 2

  • Header 3

  • Quote

    Quoted text

  • Ordered List
    1. Hello
    2. Goodbye
  • Unordered List
    • Hello
    • World
  • google1


    title text is optional
  • alt text Image

    alt text is optional
  • Inline Code
    Please use IThumbnailCreator
  • code
    some more code
    Multiline Code

    that's 4 spaces (or more) before the words on each line!